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As a team of seasoned realtors, we understand more than most that you work hard for your money and your brokerage should appreciate that! We’ve created customized commission plans that keep more of your money in your pocket.

Take your real estate career to new heights. Join the area’s most elite team of real estate professionals!


Our agents are our top priority and we want you on our team. Put money back in your pocket – you’re the one who connects with clients and makes their dreams come true. You’re the one finding amazing homes for your network of clients. Realty companies are nothing without the hard work of talented agents – and your brokerage should know that! Here at Hudson Valley, our key goal is to support our agents so they are able to live their best lives and keep the earnings they deserve. 



more money in your pckets

Flexible commission plans help you maximize your earnings.

Every individual agents has different needs and available time to work. We want to help you create a commission plan that works around your lifestyle.

Balance your time, earnings, and client-management techniques in a way that best suits your needs.

We’ll work together to create a transparent professional relationship so you’ll always know that you are earning as much as possible. Hard work deserves an honest paycheck!

Agent marketing

Hudson Valley Realty Center is here to help you establish your name & grow your personal brand.

We will work with you to create marketing materials and build your professional network. You’ll need a clean, professional website for referring new clients. We will help you set up your website, Automated Single Property websites, and Buyer/Seller campaigns.

In addition to creating individual websites for your listings, we will also help create Automatic Youtube videos to further expand your reach for new listings.

Also, we can easily create MLS Automated Listed Flyers for your listings as real-time statuses change. Grow your network of buyers with the help of these invaluable tools.

real estate technology

Manage your clients easily with access to special software designed to simplify your job.

We’ll provide you with access to our Transaction Management System to keep track of your active portfolio of work.

While working with various clients, we also provide you with our Client Relationship Management Software. We know that establishing positive relationships with your clients leads to a growing network of clients over time!

We will also provide you with Comparative Market Analysis Builder software so you’re always up-to-date with trends in the market. When you can best manage your client relationships and transactions, you set yourself up for long-term success.

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Take your real estate career to new heights

Thinking of retiring? We have the plan

Real estate agents CAN retire.

Our flexible commission plans can include retirement goals.

We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan. Real estate agents work above and beyond to get their job done well. Life encompasses more than just work, and our agents have lots of opportunities to invest in their future.

Your earnings should amount to living a secure and happy life when the work day is done!

A trusted local name

Use the Hudson Valley Realty Center name to your advantage.

We’re one of the most trusted real estate brokerages in the area. With our name next to yours, growing your network of clients is simple. We have over 24 years of experience working with amazing agents (such as yourself) and growing a loyal reach of buyers and sellers.

When you work with us, you’re working toward building a life that you love – and we make that very easy! We want you to create your dream career with us and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

You shouldn’t be sacrificing your earnings and time to a brokerage taking too much out of your paycheck. Working in real estate is stressful, and you deserve to keep what’s yours!

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Hudson Valley Realty Center is about providing unparalleled service and exceptional results for our clients.

For our buyers and sellers, we are determined to be the trusted, caring experts they need to make their real estate experience as easy and positive as possible.

Working with an experienced local real estate professional means our clients get a team that knows the community. We have more than 24 years of experience serving the Hudson Valley area.

If this sounds like a team you’d like to join, let’s talk!

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