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Tuxedo Park is a gated community located in the town of Tuxedo in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

This small village features over three hundred unique homes with one interesting fact in common: they were designed by some of America’s most renowned architects in the early 1900s. Live in a gorgeous home in Tuxedo Park and enjoy access to local shopping centers and nearby nature parks. This village is as scenic as it is historic!



Tuxedo Park is a peaceful, lively community with nearby access to the great outdoors.

Tuxedo Park was named after the first tuxedo jacket was brought to America by James Brown-Potter. This beautiful community was built during America’s Gilded Age to suit the tastes of wealthy heirs and moguls. Brown-Potter’s friends and family enjoyed living in homes designed by the era’s top architects and dwelling amidst vast open land. Today, new development efforts make it simpler for those to move into the area. Those seeking to live in a stunning home in a community with rich history and eclectic architecture will find Tuxedo Park to be the perfect place.

The area sits close to waterfronts such as Tuxedo Lake and Lake Sebago. Enjoy lakeside views from the yard of your own home.

Tuxedo Park is a small community with stellar safety and nearby amenities. Go camping at the nearby Lake Kanawauke or visit nature at the Dater Mountain Nature Park. Visit local vineyards and downtown areas in Tuxedo Park. It’s easy to plan a day or weekend trip to New York City because Tuxedo Park is less than a two-hour drive away.

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Find your new home in beautiful upstate New York. The Tuxedo Park area has a peaceful suburban feel for those who love New York but don’t want to live in the bustling city. This neighborhood is perfect for first-time homebuyers, families, and retired individuals looking to live in an area with the perfect balance of serenity and liveliness. Enjoy the Tuxedo Park neighborhood’s gorgeous New England trees and wildlife while cozying up in your home.

Experience the lovely changes that all four seasons bring to the area. The Tuxedo Park area is perfect for retirees who enjoy changing seasons versus spending all their time in the heat! Meet a friendly community from all walks of life in Tuxedo Park. Both big and small families will settle in easily in the neighborhood. Tuxedo Park features homes of many sizes to suit the needs of any homebuyer.

Go for walks along the Tuxedo Park neighborhood’s sidewalks and enjoy easy access to local downtown areas and shopping centers. Tuxedo Park is located right in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. Enjoy visiting the riverside and experience a balance with nature.

The Hudson River Valley is known for its lush farms, orchards, and vineyards nationwide. This region encompasses many historical sites and parks as well as beautiful museums. Live in a region rich in history and natural beauty. The Valley spans a long stretch of land surrounding the River and while it primarily includes suburban areas, it also encompasses the urban district of Manhattan in New York City. You’re never too far from the excitement of city venues and events when you live in the Hudson Valley. However, instead of trudging through dense traffic every day, you’ll get to experience the calm lifestyle of living in the suburbs. Nine Hudson Valley school districts are rated among the top ones in all of New York.

Tuxedo Park is the perfect place for families to settle down and anyone looking for a suburban lifestyle outside of the city. Sometimes, maintaining a calmer pace in life is better, especially when you’re surrounded by lovely nature scapes and a great local community.

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